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Sassafras Lane Trail # 1

This is a trail that guides you east and west high above a creek with many jagged ravines along its border. This trail parallels the north end of Lake Monroe Village resort with a difficulty level of easy, providing you a superb chance for solitude. The trail is very wide and gets its name from the numerous Sassafras plants that frame this path.

Paw Paw Trail #2
Moderate to sometimes rough:

Again you will find this trail on the North end of the resort right off of Sassafras lane. You will embark down the ravine to a very flat streambed bottom allowing you a chance to follow the rocky, meandering stream. This trail will take you through many groves of towering mature trees, with bonus overlooks of Lake Monroe. The creek bed is known as Ramp Creek, which feeds Lake Monroe, the state's largest lake. In the spring you will find a burst of wild flowers on the forest floor and in the fall reap the fruits of the Paw Paw trees.

Fossil Valley Trail #3

The origin of trail #3 is from the primitive camping area of the resort and goes a Southwest direction down into the valley before it heads back into the park at the log cabin area. Fossil Valley is blessed with many rocks to explore, one of which is the Geode, which is bountiful in the valley. While you are down in Fossil Valley, make sure you take time to observe the many types of birds that inhabit this area.

Deer Trail #4

The deer that walk the woodlands of Lake Monroe Village Resort made this natural trail. To get to trail #4 you must start on trail #3 and half way through you will find Deer trail #4. This trail runs parallel to the hillside and will take you directly to Lake Monroe's water's edge. One would have to conclude the deer use this path to go get a drink. Sightings of deer, turkey and many other nature's gifts are not unusual during your stay at Lake Monroe Village Resort; especially on trail #4.

There are three great mountain bike trails at Lake Monroe Village.

Trail one is easy to moderate in difficulty. It has two distinct personalities depending which direction you ride it. Riding from the primitive area to the front of the campground is more challenging due to the up-hill nature of the ride. The trail is beatifully maintained and follows a ridge line giving you great views of the stream valley below.

Trail two is a little more technical and is at the intermediate level. The west end of the trail, once you get over the logs is a steep, difficult, technical down-hill. The east end is not quite as extreme. The east end is a steady descent to the streambed below. It has several water crossings at it follows the streambed to the west. The ascent on the west end is extremely steep requiring you to get off and walk your bike the short distance to the top.

Now trail three is way cool. It varies from intermediate to expert in difficulty. Starting at the east end in the primitive area it descends gradually before becoming an off-camber technical challenge. It is a steep descent with tight turns around trees and log crossings. It descends to a creek bed with sharp banks and rocks. Ascending out of the creek bed requires real stamina and strength. Depending on the season of the year the ascent can be dry, sticky or loose. Reaching the top is an accomplishment.

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